WE EUROPE EN presenting Chanda Rule & Sweet Emma Band

Im Rahmen des Projekts: "Die Tropen in Bayern 2020/21"

INNtöne Festival in cooperation with Jazzfest Passau presents:
Chanda Rule & Sweet Emma Band
New CD PAO11370

A Live Stream Concert with small audience with Chanda Rule & Sweet Emma Band.

Live-Stream-Link   https://youtu.be/Z5qb1Kb5cQE

This is a cooperation of 10 international Festivals, to do a live streamed concert at the same time and promote it together.

Das Konzert wird live gestreamt!
Zudem stehen im Konzertraum bis zu 12 Plätze zur Verfügung.

This is a cooperation of 10 international Festivals, to do a live streamed concert at the same time and promote it together.


Notes from Chanda Rule

My musical tastes have always predated me. The bluesy gospel hymns of my grandmothers...old moans born in fields...and rhythms that hovered above oceans from long before have worked my dreams as long as I can remember.

As a child, like many, I often dreamed of flying. One night I was so high and so free and so weight-less...a gentle wind on my skin...the warm sun pressed against my closed eyes. I remember being incredibly happy and at some point, in my dream – I thought, “Wow, this is really happening.” And I opened my eyes. I saw the expanse of sky before me, the sea of green below me. And then I looked back – and saw a flock of black bodies flying behind me like a starling murmuration. A black sun. Hundreds,  maybe a thousand of grandparents and great grandparents, familiar and non. A sea of ancestral energy. Supporting me. Guiding my flight.

This work is a musical libation to them. I honor them with each of these songs that have been steeped in the field’s of the American South. Over the years I have been surprised and sometimes incensed at the claims to this music that fell from the lips of my enslaved ancestors. It is their music. They created it, sang it, labored through it, cried through it, shared their souls in ways that were acceptable to their new world through it. With the exception of “I’ll Fly Away”, written by Albert Brumley and inspired by work and prison songs of African Americans (listen to Alan Lomax’s field recording of “Prison Song”) and Come Sunday, written by Duke Ellington, the songs featured on this album were originally written and sung by unnamed and undocumented African American mothers, fathers, workers, prisoners, preachers, sons and daughters. 

I gave many of the songs a lyrical update. I think those that came before me would have approved. I used to sing the songs because the melody carried me to new places and the lyrics were a retelling of a time that I never had to live through. But I have found out that they also guide and support us through a new time. This new space where Another Man Done Gone is not an escaped convict but a prisoner of industrialized incarceration, an innocent victim of gun violence, a target of crimes that aim to squeeze love into boxes drawn by hate. This time where we are still so glad when the Sun Goes Down as we await the comfort of night and the possibility embedded in the dawn. They support an awareness of Holding On to a vision of liberation, of looking forward when the ground beneath our feet seems to move backwards. These songs remind me to Fly Away to places of joy – be it through music, through lyrical expression, or through dreams of a greater by and by. Mojuba with each note. Mojuba with each lyric that takes on new meaning in the new millennium. Mojuba for each soul that imagined a beautiful world for their daughters, who looked forward, and held fast. I pray that their spirit sings through my voice.


  • Fr, 21.05.21 20:00 Uhr

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25,- / 12,5 (Mitglieder) / 10,- (Studenten & Schüler) / 5,- (Restplätze für sozial Bedürftige)
 - Cafe Museum Passau


Chanda Rule voc
Barney Girlinger tp
Klemens Pliem ts
Paul Zauner tb
Jan Korinek hammond C3
Jeff Boudreaux dr