“Sensorial – Portraits in Bossa and Jazz”

Die international umjubelte Sängerin Mafalda Minnozzi präsentiert zusammen mit dem Stargitarristen Paul Ricci den Release der „Deluxe Edition“ ihrer neuen CD „Sensorial – Portaits in Bossa and Jazz“.

Interpretationen der großen brasilianischen Komponisten, welche die vokale Lyrik ihrer Heimat Italien mit improvisiertem Jazzgesang verarbeitet haben.

Nach ihren Besuchen im Blue Note Rio in Brasilien, im Case da Musica in Portugal oder im Casa del Jazz in Rom besucht Mafalda Minnozzi auch Passau!

Es erwartet Sie ein Multiversum  von Klassikern aus der Feder von Jobim, Ennio Morricone, Toninho Horta und Baden Powell. Brasilien, Italien und New York vereint im Spirit des Jazz.

"The vibe on the recording is uplifting and evokes the aesthetic of Joao Gilberto beautifully. He’s smiling from the beyond”
Bobby Sanabria (8-time Grammy nominee and radio host at WBGO)

Mafalda Minnozzi stammt aus Pavia, Italien, und wurde in klassischen Jazz-Clubs von Rom bis Rio berühmt. In den 35 Jahren ihrer Karriere hatte sie Engagements mit Größen wie Dave Liebman, Gene Bertoncini, Graham Haynes oder Daniele Di Bonaventura.
15 CDs und 2 DVDs und zahlreiche Fernsehauftritte spiegeln ihr Werk wieder. Das italienische Jazzit-Magazin zählt sie zu den Top-Ten-Sängerinnen des Landes.

Der Gitarrist Paul Ricci entstammt den Clubs New York und erforschte von dort aus die Music Lateinamerikas, Afrikas und insbesondere Brasiliens. Kollaborationen mit Harry Belafonte, Astrud Gilberto und Bobby Sanabria zeichnen ihn als herausragenden Gitarristen aus. Im Jazz arbeitete er mit Alex Foster, Randy Brecker, Michael Wollff und Abdoulaye Diabate.


"SENSORIAL - Portraits in Bossa and Jazz" is the show of the international singer Mafalda Minnozzi that accompanies the release of the "Deluxe Edition" album of the same name.

The show is based on the interpretations of the greatest Brazilian composers with cross-cultural influences from the vocal lyricism of her native Italy combined with elements of jazz improvisation. The show has already been presented to great critical and public acclaim at Birdland Jazz Club, Mezzrow and New York University in New York, the Blue Note Rio and Sao Paulo in Brazil, Casa da Musica in Portugal, AsuJazz in Paraguay, Lima Jazz Fest in Peru, Casa del Jazz in Rome, JazzMI in Milano, Padova Jazz Fest and Udine&Jazz just to name a few. Mafalda has chosen to bring her long time musical partner and producer Paul Ricci to the prestigious stages of the European jazz festivals for a minimalistic formation that highlights his guitar playing and arranging style which is the essence of Sensorial.

On stage will be classics from Jobim such as "Águas de Março", "A Felicidade" and "Once I Loved", "Metti Una Sera A Cena" by Ennio Morricone, "Mocidade" by Toninho Horta and "Samba da Benção" from Baden Powell all in a unique blend of Brazil, Italy and NY jazz that permits an organic intertwining of a John Coltrane theme with the Bahian composition "É Preciso Perdoar".

"...she is a vocalist of the first order ... capable of stunning musicianship... her technique is sublime; she sings not simply with facility, but with faculties, employing anatomical jurisdictions that only a handful of the top singers [in any style] do;

her vocal range is incredibly rare and she is capable of flying into the nether regions of falsetto before swooping down to the basement of contralto... Along with all of this is her ability to phrase with distinction while employing her emotions to dig into the meaning of each phrase, bringing a special whispering beauty to soft dynamics to the songs..." Raul da Gama -

"With her sensitive and deep voice, Mafalda conveys an apparent innocence that is pure sensuality ... she masters scat and vocalese, bringing us back to the best moments of Brazilian music ... the energy of jazz, with Brazilian rhythm and Italian spirit, they give life to a captivating work "- José Ramon (La Habitacion Del Jazz - Spain)

"The vibe on the recording is uplifting and evokes the aesthetic of Joao Gilberto beautifully. He’s smiling from the beyond”- Bobby Sanabria (8x Grammy nominee and radio host at WBGO)

About the artist:

Born in Pavia, Italy, Mafalda Minnozzi is a charismatic singer and composer who over her career has melded her vocal virtuosity with jazz in an individual sound that evokes standing ovations from audiences and impresses critics on an ever expanding international level. Her trajectory from clubs and TV in Rome to Rio De Janeiro to New York launched an 35 year career that includes prestigious collaborations with Milton Nascimento, Dave Liebman, Leny Andrade, Gene Bertoncini, André Mehmari, Graham Haynes, Guinga, Art Hirahara, Daniele Di Bonaventura, Filó Machado, Martinho da Vila, Lucio Dalla, Luca Aquino, Toquinho and so many others.

Her resume includes TV shows, 15 CDs, 2 DVDs, film and TV soundtracks as both singer and composer, S. American jazz festivals and shows throughout Brazil and Italy in their most prestigious venues. She was voted into Italian JAZZIT magazine’s top 10 vocalists poll two years in a row in 2018 and 2019. In NY, she has made a name for herself at Birdland Jazz Club, Mezzrow and Zinc Bar among other notable venues to a growing fan base and buzz from NY’s great players.

Guitarist Paul Ricci has come from of the jazz clubs of New York to embrace and explore music from Brazil, Africa and Latin America in a series of collaborations from Harry Belafonte to Astrud Gilberto, Bobby Sanabria, Bebel Gilberto and many others but most notably establishing a body of work as producer and guitarist for Mafalda Minnozzi on three continents. As he continues his activities in the jazz clubs of NY, his upcoming solo CD finished during lockdown features Anthony Jackson, Steve Jordan, Manolo Badrena, André Mehmari, Alex Foster, Randy Brecker, Abdoulaye Diabate, Michael Wolff and Rogerio Boccato among others.


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Mafalda Minnozzi © Bianca Tatamiya - Cafe Museum Passau


Mafalda Minnozzi voc
Paul Ricci guits